Assess At its core, Ametos prides itself on its 360-degree approach to security, providing bespoke solutions for each individual client. A customized solution always starts with a thorough assessment process. This process is a crucial component of any solution we provide, regardless of the field of operation; Defense, HLS or the private sector. Every client and every situation are unique. Professional expertise and experience alone cannot generate a costume made solution that is both effective and efficient. Ametos’ assessment process is unparalleled in its scope and depth.

Objective: a thorough investigation of client and situation. Upon completion, our teams of experts devise a custom-made plan that offers the most efficient solution both in its effectiveness and in resources use. We treat this stage of our methodology like any other operation. This process also includes proactive investigation methods.

Steps in Risk Assessment:

1. Gathering & Analyzing Information –
Physical, Structural, Functional & Procedural

2. Critical Assessment – Identification of Critical Process, Activity & Asset

3. Threat Assessment – Analysis of Threat Scenarios based on Capability, Motivation,
Past Events & Future Trends

4. Vulnerability Assessment – Identification
of Weaknesses based on Directions, Number
of Targets, Visibility, Accessibility & the Ability
to Control Attack Scenarios

5. Consequence Assessment – Possible Damage
of an Effective Attack: Casualty, Economic, Environmental, Public & Symbolic

6. Scenario Prioritization – based on Threat, Vulnerability & Consequence; provided
in descending order, according to risk

7. Mitigation Strategies –
according to Scenario Prioritization