Ametos Homeland Security
Homeland Security (HLS) is an unusually diverse and complex arena. We have many years of extensive experience keeping citizenry, infrastructure, and systems secure and safe.
Homeland Security (HLS) is an unusually diverse and complex arena. We have many years of extensive experience keeping citizenry, infrastructure, and systems secure and safe.
Dignitary Protection
Borders and Points of Entry
Safe City
Maritime / Seaports
Aviation / Airports
Strategic Facilities
People and Passenger Screening
IT & Cyber Security Solutions
Law Enforcement
SWAT Training
Ametos Homeland Security
Homeland Security (HLS) is an unusually diverse and complex arena. We have many years of extensive experience keeping citizenry, infrastructure, and systems secure and safe.

We provide the knowledge, techniques, training and equipment for Dignitary Protection Units around the globe. Our dignitary protection experts come from the world’s leading secret-service units, with years of proven track records, protecting presidents, heads of state, state officials, and delegations.

• Close protection – training in close protection special tactics and techniques that cover the various layers of security: operational and evasive driving; armed and unarmed combat methods; and, threat recognition

• Intelligence – training and operational methods for intelligence gathering, including: surveillance and counter-surveillance; mail and parcels checks; investigations and background checks and more

• Emergency protocols – provision of emergency action plans; crisis and evacuation procedures; and, injury protocols required for protecting dignitaries

• Aerial evacuation – imparting knowledge and training for aerial evacuation of dignitaries under protection: evacuation under extreme / hostile conditions; evasive maneuvers; landing in extreme situations; interaction between detail and aircraft

• Hostage crisis – managing negotiations and SWAT units to handle the situation

We provide comprehensive solutions for the smooth yet secure operation of a country’s borders and points of entry, which naturally, cope with large volumes of people/passengers. We develop the appropriate operational methods and plans for the entire operation, including personnel-training, and supplying the required screening equipment.

• Multilayered security operation – the operational solution incorporates all the various layers of security, from intelligence and surveillance to physical security and passenger and luggage screening
• Coordinated and synced – our modus operandi ensures that all elements of the system we set in place are coordinated and synchronized with one another so that maximum security and efficiency are attained
• Equipment – we supply all the necessary state-of-the-art equipment needed to smoothly run and manage a technologically advanced operation

Cities and other urban populated areas are hubs for business and culture. However, they are susceptible to natural disasters, safety hazards, crime and terror.
From start to finish: conceptualization, design, implementation, and management, we provide solutions for ensuring the safety of a city and for keeping its citizens and systems protected.

Infrastructure – handling all aspects of infrastructure, from water and sewer systems to power lines, roads and sidewalks
Emergency and security – we create a full scale emergency and security solution including central control headquarters and CCTV monitoring systems, IT and cyber security, and the formation or upgrade of emergency and security forces
Security procedures and safety protocol – we create complete operational protocols for routine and emergency situations for the entire city from the kindergarten and school levels all the way up through to the city’s central control headquarters
Emergency equipment – we supply and upgrade all necessary emergency equipment vital to the protection of a city, in the event of an emergency

We provide the knowledge, techniques, training and equipment for the various aspects of maritime security. Our maritime experts come from the world’s leading naval commando units and coast guards, with years of proven track record defending seaports and sea vessels.

Seaport Security
State-level security – we provide the methodology, training and equipment for states / countries to ensure all seaport security needs, including radar and special equipment at sea and in port
Perimeter security – we provide perimeter security plans, training and equipment; from physical structures such as fences, gates, and security cameras to manpower, methods of operation, and command headquarters
Merchandize screening – we provide all the screening machines, spare parts and personnel-training, and the world’s most advanced technology, capable of screening 100% of shipping containers
BOT – our clients can take advantage of our BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) option that handles the entire operation from planning to implementation, providing all the financing, manpower, knowledge, and equipment

Ship security
We provide comprehensive security solutions for both cargo ships and passenger liners; this includes security plans along with techniques, special anti-piracy equipment, professionally-trained manpower, and/or training for existing security personnel

Coast guard
We provide complete solutions for safeguarding coastlines including
security plans, patrol techniques, operational methods, manpower-training, and supply of special gear and equipment

Oil and gas rig security
We provide the security plans, techniques, manpower and special equipment needed to create the entire process, as well as train and upgrade existing security teams



Airports and aircrafts are the gateways and means that enable international business and travel, and exactly for that reason they are some of the most sought after targets for terrorism. We provide the knowledge, technique, training and equipment for the various fields of aviation security. Our aviation security experts have a long track record defending airplanes and airports in the most targeted environments in the world.


Flight security

We provide the knowledge and training as well as equipment and principles and guidelines needed for flight security:

• In-flight aircraft security – our expertise includes air marshal training and techniques for flight security personnel
• On-ground aircraft security –we impart the knowledge and operational methods to protect aircraft on the ground and supervise technical teams

Airport security

We offer comprehensive solutions to ensure the completely secure operation of airports; we provide the required knowledge, operational methods and training.

Perimeter security – full perimeter security solutions for all layers of security, including:

• Outer-perimeter defense – including anti-missile systems
• Physical perimeter – including fences, security cameras, security-guard training and methods of operation
• Inner-perimeter defense – protecting the airport facilities and air space
• Entrance / exit corridors – including gates, access roads, and parking lots / garages
• Screening – we provide the knowledge, equipment and operational methods for passenger and baggage / cargo screening

We provide emergency, safety and security solutions for large-scale events, both planned and spontaneous, such as: sports events, rallies, concerts, demonstrations, and protests. We offer comprehensive detailed plans relevant for the various scenarios and circumstances, operational methods and training of all personnel.

• Emergency
– we provide the knowledge and methodologies for the efficient and effective coordination of emergency units and procedures for mass evacuation and mass-casualty incidents
Safety – we train all ushers and operational staff, monitor infrastructure safety, and follow and implement electricity and fire safety protocols
Security – we create complete plans for perimeter security, event security and the coordination of security, police, and riot-control forces

We can create a solution based on our clients needs, either assign a specialist to work closely with the execution team, fully manage the event or consult and guide the customer throughout the process.


Critical facilities and infrastructure are essential for the country’s economy and safety. Ametos assists government and local authorities to protect strategic facilities and critical infrastructure. We provide comprehensive security and emergency solutions for all types of strategic facilities both unmanned or manned, with or without visitors.We create complete security plans, train manpower, provide security and emergency equipment, create protocols, and monitors the implementation of safety procedures.
We also perform Red Cell operations to evaluate efficiency of the entire operation and improve performance of security systems at:

Critical facilities – including but not limited to: power plants, gas / oil facilities (drilling, pipelines), mines, chemical / biological plants, nuclear reactors, reservoirs, pharmaceutical factories, laboratories and ports
Governmental facilities – including but not limited to: ministries, police facilities, courts, federal banks, and stock exchange markets


We provide end-to-end solutions for people and passenger screening; we create the entire screening operation and ensure its effective operation.
Training screening / security personnel – we impart all the knowledge and training for screening / security personnel, including equipment use, screening procedures, and operational methods
Equipment – we supply the world’s most advanced screening machines, in all sizes, to meet a range of objectives; we ensure spare parts are obtainable for the proper functioning of the equipment for life of the operation
Red Cell operations – we perform red cell operations to evaluate the efficiency of the entire screening operation with the goal of improving performance and enhancing security


This new era of globalization and technological development enables computerized systems to efficiently monitor operations and store information. This relatively new development puts those systems at the center of any operation and has brought along with it a new kind of threat that is elusive and cannot be stopped with ‘old-world’ methods and means.

Israel is a world-renowned cyber hub with cutting-edge technology that is at the forefront of the war on cyber crime and terror. Our cyber warfare operatives come from the leading cyber units in Israel and have decades of proven track record defending cyber securities on the highest level.

We provide an array of IT and cyber security solutions and services, including, but not limited to:
Information security testing – generating simulations, performing system analyses, vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, and providing exposure and database security
Communication systems – upgrading communication systems, maintaining system integrity and providing code hacking prevention
Computer forensics and cyber investigations – providing investigations, inquiries and testimonies, setting up honeypot operations, covert computer monitoring, and identity theft prevention
Cyber warfare research and cyber intelligence – providing tracking, target acquisition, manipulation and deception prevention operations
Defensive research – performing studies, competitive and comparative analysis and Darknet tracking



From intelligence to intervention, Ametos – whose operatives have many years of experience in the world’s leading intelligence organizations, counter-terrorism (also called anti-terrorism) and special forces units – offers complete solutions for the war on terror. We teach and train all task forces engaged in counter-terrorism.

While every act and every attacker is different, methods of prevention and operation have similar components.

We define a terrorist act as, operationally speaking, a violent attack by an individual or a group. This could be the act of a lone shooter or a trained organization. The motivation for terrorism varies and could range anywhere from racial and/or religious reasons to sheer madness.

Ametos uses a “three-perimeter” model to describe its counter-terrorism activities.

The outer perimeter we provide intelligence techniques, training, operational methods and technological equipment to HLS recon units. These ground units operate with or without prior Intel, roaming the outer perimeter, scouting for suspicious signs. This proactive approach enables these units to create their own Intelligence, and have full capability to deal with any situation that arises.

The middle perimeter Ametos provides all the necessary equipment and training for middle perimeter teams. These teams objective is to clear anyone who goes into the inner perimeter, using Intel received from the outer perimeter if provided. Using APS developed techniques, the middle perimeter operatives learn how to identify and eliminate any threat, stopping an attack before it’s launched (in the event that the outer perimeter and the wider Intel efforts failed to do so).            

The inner perimeter– Ametos provides methods and training for inner perimeter teams. These special teams roam the inner perimeter, searching for any suspicious signs, with the ability not only to prevent the launch of a terrorist attack, but also to intervene, eliminate and minimize the consequence of an ongoing attack.

*Attack management and hostage situations– we offer complete solutions for situations in which a terrorist attack is launched – from containment and evacuation to intervention. We train and provide operational protocols to police and SWAT forces, as well as impart knowledge and training on how to manage different ground units to create operational synergy



Intelligence may very well be the most important element of security.

Valuable intel saves time, money, and most importantly, life. Intelligence is the first operational layer of any field of security – from border security to counter terrorism, from aviation security to dignitary protection. We pride ourselves on having intelligence operatives of the highest caliber, with decades of HUMINT, SIGINT, VISINT, and OSINT intelligence experience in the world’s leading intelligence agencies.

We offer comprehensive intelligence solutions for HLS purposes. We provide HLS units with the training to gather information by means of silent penetration, technological equipment, and advanced visual and audio recording in order to better operate against subversive entities and individuals.

Ametos focuses on four types of Intelligence training:
Human intelligence (HUMINT) – valuable intelligence can be gathered from human sources; our objective is to guide and train HLS agencies in the various methods and necessary steps for establishing a HUMINT apparatus
Signal intelligence (SIGINT) – technologically assisted signal-reading methods are an essential element in intelligence gathering. Ametos’s objective is to guide and train HLS agencies in the various methods and necessary steps for creating and maintaining a technologically-advanced SIGINT apparatus
Visual intelligence (VISINT) – valuable intelligence and a clearer picture of the situation is gathered from technologically-assisted visual intelligence gathering methods. Our objective is to guide and train HLS agencies in the various methods and necessary steps for setting up a technologically advanced VISINT apparatus.
Open source intelligence (OSINT) – OSINT consists of information collected from overt sources appearing in key languages. The result is an intelligence picture in the form of concise country and organization reports on national and sub-national organizations that may pose a threat to nations and / or corporations.


An efficient police force that is able to uphold the law, provide safety to citizens and successfully investigate crime is an essential factor in maintaining order and providing a healthy environment for economic growth and overall state stability.

With decades of proven track records in police work, our law enforcement experts provide all the knowledge, training, equipment and operational methods that are necessary in order to create and upgrade existing police units. Our training includes but not limited to:
Investigation & Interrogation techniques – providing detectives with the ability to conduct thorough complex investigations
Patrol & Protect – providing policing methods, teamwork techniques and distress protocols for uniformed police personnel
Equipment & Weapon usage – providing all the necessary knowledge and technique for the various police equipment usage, including weapons, communication gear and police vehicles
Shadow and Krav-Maga – providing non-lethal self-defense and arrest techniques and training
Control & Command – providing training for low and high-ranking officers as well as protocols for control rooms & command centers


SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) objective is to counter organized crime and terrorist attacks. These units need to have the ability to carry out assignments such as complex arrests, takeovers and interceptions under various circumstances in a very short window of time.
Establish new SWAT units – providing all the knowledge and training needed to recruit, assemble and train SWAT units
Train existing SWAT units – providing specialized courses for existing SWAT units, from weapon training to close quarters combat (CQC)
Procurement of Specialized SWAT gear and equipment – providing all necessary gear and equipment to enable SWAT units to accomplish their missions and successfully protect citizens and state.
Team leaders training – providing team leaders training, decision making, working in conjunction with other on-ground forces