Ametos Intelligence
Intelligence is the foundation of every successful endeavor. We provide unique premium intelligence services that combines innovation, skill, unique intelligence methods and out of the box thinking.
Intelligence is the foundation of every successful endeavor. We provide unique premium intelligence services that combines innovation, skill, unique intelligence methods and out of the box thinking.

Litigation Support
Competitive Intelligence
Due Diligence Report
Prevention and Recovery
Ametos Intelligence
Intelligence is the foundation of every successful endeavor. We provide unique premium intelligence services that combines innovation, skill, unique intelligence methods and out of the box thinking.

Intelligence may very well be the most important element of any plan of action. Valuable Intel is key for understanding the challenges and accumulating the relevant data on the way to formulating a solution. Knowledge is power; it allows decision makers to have a broader picture before making a decision, arming them with the ability to see what’s ahead, rather than walk in the darkness and hope for the best.

Information could be used in many ways; it could prepare one to better dealing with changing circumstances, or help win a legal battle. Weather it is business, security or any other field, Intelligence is always at the foundation of every successful endeavour.

We pride ourselves on having intelligence operatives of the highest caliber, with over 25 years of HUMINT, SIGINT, VISINT, and OSINT intelligence experience in the world’s leading intelligence agencies.


Businesses often get into conflicts and disputes. The legal process could be slow and expensive, and there is never a guarantee that the judge is going to rule in your favor. This process is not only risky and expensive, but is also distracting and tedious, not allowing business owners to focus on management and growth.

From information and evidence gathering, to investigations and Intelligence operations, we offer an array of proactive services aimed to help our clients and their lawyers speed up the litigation process and get leverage on their way to win their case.

We work in conjunction with the legal teams and in full compliance with all legal requirements. Our out-of-the-box approach, combined with world-class Intelligence abilities creates a superlative combination with the ability to strategically alter a given situation and achieve the upper hand for our clients.
Assessment – Our 360° assessment process is critical for learning everything that may be related to the situation, including aspects not obvious to the client. Our prior experience plus state-of-the-art knowledge and tools are vital here in exposing adversary’s weaknesses, vulnerabilities, objectives and strategy in order to get a clearer picture before creating a plan of action.
Asset Trace and Recovery – Our unique combination of operatives, top-level Intelligence, and vast network of strategic partnerships with leading companies in their field, enable us to locate and retrieve funds and assets with repeated success. Our global operation and connections well placed guarantee we can operate anywhere.
Evidence, Investigations and Witnesses– We offer complete support to the legal team, gathering information and using different investigations methods to provide evidence and proof and locate witnesses that could help support our clients’ case. In addition, we analyze and gather information regarding the opponent’s case, its strengths and weaknesses.
Strategic Support and Leverage – We apply state-level Intelligence operational methods to achieve leverage and grant our clients with the upper hand. We have vast experience in creating leverage where there is none and strategically using it in a courtroom or at the negotiation table.


Any player at any field knows that in order to be the best you need to have that competitive edge; you need to have that extra something that differentiate you from your surroundings, that puts you ahead of the pack.

Our in-depth Intelligence abilities are used to research and analyze every relevant detail that could benefit our clients. We diligently and professionally gather Intel, without geographical boundaries. This information could be used to better understand the sphere in which they operate and the changes that are happening around them, so they would be able to prepare in advance, seize opportunities and protect themselves.

Hostile/ Antagonistic Entities -We provide reports on the daily activity and potential threats arising from entities such as political and business rivals or even from ostensibly positive, altruistic organizations that might hinder or threat the growth of our clients’ businesses.

Change in Circumstances – We provide comprehensive reports that study the implications presented by new circumstances such as relocation, change of personnel, a shift in the stock market, and other events of significance that may potentially affect our clients.

Periodic Vulnerability Reports –In order to stay ahead of the game it is not only imperative to know your competitors’ weaknesses, but also to know your own. We provide physical and cyber assessment and evaluation reports, pinpointing the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of clients’ company or facility, as well as those of their security, safety and emergency systems, and counter-espionage standards.

Personnel – Personnel is often one of the most vulnerable aspects of a company; the hiring process usually focuses on professional needs and capabilities, while current employees are considered to be ‘safe’. We provide complete hiring background checks and protocol to ensure there are no security breaches. And when needed, we monitor existing personnel, including investigation and covert investigation.

Knowledge is power.  In this ever-changing world we live in, it is virtually impossible to run a business and at the same time be aware of every detail and circumstance of every other player in the market. None the less, making significant business decisions that involve large acquisitions, new partnerships and new markets should be based on knowledge.

We provide our clients with comprehensive due diligence reports that help them move forward with their business and protect their investments. Our state-level intelligence operatives provide second to none investigative capabilities that are magnified by our worldwide network of strategic partnerships.

Proactive Due Diligence – Our unique combination of personnel includes cyber warfare operatives, intelligence specialists, law enforcement investigators and financial experts that stem from some of the leading organizations in the world. We have developed a proactive investigative due diligence approach that goes deeper and unveils information, documents it and analyzes it to make sure that our clients get exposed to the whole picture before making a significant business move.

New Markets – Every developing business needs to find new markets to penetrate and take advantage of. New markets come with a lot of new opportunities, but also with quite a lot of risk. We perform thorough investigations and evaluations of risks worldwide; this includes geopolitical and economic surveys, overall assessments of threats, and potential competitors in the target region. In addition, we assist in finding business opportunities, locating potential key players and create detailed files and reports that help put our clients at a better position in a new market.
Compliance Reports – Business partnerships could be a strong stepping-stone, but can also be destructive. We provide a thorough comprehensive compliance report on any potential business partner, client, provider or any other entity or individual our clients are involved with to make sure they are in full compliance with the requirements of the Bribery Act, Fraud Act, Proceeds of Crime Act, and any other relevant legislation.

Security Due Diligence – Cyber and physical security breaches can potentially alter company’s value when being purchased or merged. We offer complete security due diligence reports that include physical and cyber vulnerabilities. In addition, we offer Red Cell Operations – a proactive approach that uses an adversarial approach to simulate ‘real-world’ attacks on a company – its facilities and computer systems.

Forensic Due Diligence – the actual financial health of a business is key to determent its value; it is a key component when dealing with a business, creating partnerships or performing mergers and acquisitions. From internal controls to transactional-level review, our forensic specialists perform a thorough analysis of contracts and key operational areas and evaluate performance, governance and transactional information.



Investigations are the basis to any kind of Intelligence work. Gathering information and analyzing it is valuable, but without a deeper level of excavation, it remains superficial and cannot completely answer the needs of decision makers.

Our combination of cyber warfare operatives, forensic specialists, law enforcement operatives and above all Intelligence operatives that specialize in HUMINT operations gives us an array of investigative tools. We have repeatedly succeeded where others have failed, solving complicated mysteries and performing very complex investigative operations.

Our unique capabilities and worldwide presence allow us to successfully handle all sorts of business-related investigations.

Dispute– we perform investigations that are aimed to save cost and shorten dispute time.
Asset Search & Recovery – we perform investigations that are aimed to locate and recover missing funds and assets.
Business Intel – we perform investigations that are aimed to arm decision makers with a broader picture and understanding of their surroundings and themselves.
Trade-Marks and Brands – we perform Intellectual Property (IP) investigations that are aimed to protect clients from piracy, misappropriation and counterfeiting.
Litigation – we perform investigations that are aimed to help achieve objectives for clients and their legal teams.
Security Breach – we perform sensitive investigations to discover internal security breaches and minimize theft, fraud, business espionage, corruption, bribery and other related crimes.
Regulation Compliance – we perform investigations to eliminate regulatory concerns and make sure that our clients’ businesses are in compliance with all regulatory requirements.
Cyber-Crime – we perform investigations that deal with cyber crime and internally investigate clients’ organizations to mitigate risk.
Accounting– we perform thorough forensic investigations, examine books and records, financial documents and other agreements to resolve accusations of fraud, corruption or financial disputes.
Personnel-Based Investigations – we perform investigations to provide our clients with a better picture of their business associates, board member candidates, future employees and any other individual that is significant to their operation.



Business and high net-worth individuals are and always will be susceptible to many risks; from criminal acts and sabotage to computer malfunction or natural disaster.  These incidents could potentially be devastating for a business, harm its reputation and cause immense financial damages. In some cases they could even cost lives.

There are three layers to dealing with these kind of situations; prevention, response and recovery. All three are valuable to best negate adversity that inevitably will come.

We train, teach and operate in various fields, applying all our Intelligence knowledge and expertise to best protect our clients and insure their safety and their business safety. These are some of the services we provide:

Data Breach Prevention – we provide state-of-the-art data breach prevention methods, combining cyber security and HUMINT abilities to insure the safety of your information on all fronts.

Data Breach Response – from identification and notification to isolation and monitoring, we provide full data breach response services aimed to minimize damage to the company.

Data Recovery – from deleted and corrupt files to inaccessible or missing data; we provide advanced software and data recovery in a secure on confidential manner.

Disaster Recovery – We offer complete and comprehensive contingency plans that ensure companies continue to function and provide services to clients in case of an attack, natural disaster, emergency, market crisis or computer malfunction.

Asset Trace and Recovery – Our unique combination of operatives, top-level Intelligence, and vast network of strategic partnerships with leading companies in their field, enable us to locate and retrieve funds and assets with repeated success. Our global operation and connections well placed guarantee we can operate anywhere.

Loss Prevention – businesses always suffer losses, or “shrinkage,” much of which is actually preventable. Losses can be due, simply, to poor policies, procedures and wasteful habits on the part of management and staff, or to deliberate, criminal actions such as theft, fraud, embezzlement, and more. We help businesses avoid and rectify the reasons for loss with our solutions specifically for this area.

Kidnap Prevention – high net worth individuals and high-ranked executives and their families are susceptible to kidnapping. Our combination of operatives that come from both ‘defensive’ and ‘offensive’ Intelligence units, teach and conduct operations to prevent these incidents.

Missing People Recovery – our HUMINT expertise and top-level cyber abilities together with well place connections and a vast network of strategic partnerships world-wide enable us to be very efficient and quick to locate missing people. We have repeatedly succeeded where other companies who specialize in missing people recovery have failed.